Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly

The Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly is one of the most important governing bodies of GVL. 22 delegates are directly elected by the right holders in the course of the Right Holders' Assembly; they represent all artists and producers together with the four Associates. It is their joint duty to take care that all entitled groups are treated fairly and that their interests are being preserved.

With the election of delegates at the Right Holders' Assembly on 05 May 2017, the Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly superseded the Board in terms of functionality. Based on the Articles of Association in their version dated 19 December 2016, with extended content-related competencies, the delegates’ representatives - together with the associates - make all fundamental decisions in the new governing body, especially on administration conditions and distribution regulations. 

Furthermore, there is now an even stronger focus on the basic principles established in the legal framework in relation to the contribution of right holders and associates in the Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly: Members have the opportunity via their representatives (delegates) to influence all types of decision-making by the Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly. Delegates take part in the joint committee with the associates with an advisory role; at the same time, they are entitled to vote. The Assembly’s decisions are taken in each category with a qualified majority. Alternate delegates come into play when a delegate drops out permanently. The Chairperson of the Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly and their deputy will be elected during the first session of the Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly and announced on this page.