Claims & Labelcodes

User registration label.gvl

label.gvl is the web portal for producers of sound recordings who have signed a rights administration agreement with GVL. It is here that you can register your repertoire and obtain an overview of your recordings and their broadcast minutes. You may also check your annual distributions via the portal.

If you have joined GVL only recently, you will receive your label.gvl access with your contract documentation.
If you are already a GVL member, you will need a new password prior to your first registration via label.gvl. Please click on the link “issue new password!”. We will promptly send you a link to your e-mail address so that you can create a new password. Once you have done that, you can log in with your existing username (GVL contract number) and the new password, and start working in the portal right away.

Making claims

"Claiming" is generally referred to as the process whereby rights owners demand their income. A claim is always related to a specific recording and states that the claimant is a rights holder and therefore is entitled to receive the remuneration. At GVL, claims are made by registering your repertoire in the producer portal label.gvl. It is here that you can establish your claims to receive payments.

Our label support hotline staff are happy to give advice and provide you with further information on the registration of your repertoire - you can find their contact details in the infobox on the right hand side.

Registering additional label codes

You have signed a rights administration agreement with us and would like to register an additional label code? Please complete the following form and return it to us:

Label notification (PDF)

If you haven't signed a rights administration agreement, please click here for the necessary application forms.

Overview labels & label code

A current overview of the label codes issued so far and the labels connected to them can be accessed via our GVL-Label research tool.