• 16 April 2017: Extended registration deadline for distribution years 2010-2012

    With regards to the closing distribution 2010-2012 we would like to draw your attention that any relevant contributions that you register in artsys.gvl by 16/04/2017 at the latest, shall definitely be taken into consideration for the closing distribution in December 2017.

  • Actors can now register their contributions to commercials

    GVL is making further productions available in the so-called open budgets so that members can register their contributions. From 23 February 2017, actors can register their contributions to commercials via the portal
    Musicians have already been able to register their contributions via the sub-budget TV advertising since 02 January 2017; actors have had access to the category documentary films (cinema/TV) since 01 February 2017 for registration purposes.