Press releases

  • Bundesverband Schauspiel e.V. (BFFS) becomes GVL's third associate

    With effect from 01/08/2019, the Bundesverband Schauspiel e.V. (Federal Acting Association, short: BFFS) has become the third associate of the German Neighbouring Rights’ Management Organisation (GVL). Previous associates of GVL have been the Bundesverband Musikindustrie e.V. (Federal Association of the Music Industry, short: BVMI) and the Deutsche Orchestervereinigung e.V. (German Orchestra Association, short: DOV). In its role as an associate, the BFFS is going to represent particularly the interests of actors and dubbing actors in future.

  • GVL revenues slightly above expectations

    GVL collected approx. € 230m based on neighbouring rights for artists, producers and event organisers

  • European Copyright Law: GVL welcomes the reform

    The EU Parliament has voted in favour of the EU Copyright Law reform on 26 March 2019 and thus paved the way for a modern copyright where both users and creators benefit from fair regulations. GVL, the German Neighbouring Rights Society, welcomes this decision.

  • GVL yields EUR 310m in 2017 – Earnings exceed record breaking year 2016

    2017 financial results: GVL yields EURO 310m in collections for neighbouring rights on behalf of artists, producers and event organisers

    • Revenue growth of more than 14.1% compared to previous record year 2016
    • Private copying levy on devices for mobile phones and tablets also a strong driver of revenue in 2017
    • Other revenue categories also slightly up
    • Distribution plans for 2016-2018 finalised and passed
    • Modernising process of the GVL continues
  • GVL confirms record collections of EUR 271m in 2016

    In the course of this year’s Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly, GVL has announced record figures for its 2016 collections. In the reporting period, the organisation collected more than EUR 271m on behalf of its members.

    • 2016 financial results: GVL yields EUR 271m in collections for neighbouring rights on behalf of artists, producers, music video clip producers and event organisers
    • Revenue growth of more than 67% compared to the previous year (2015)
    • Rights holders benefit from the private copying levy on devices (mobile phones and tablets) for the first time
    • Detlev Tiemann is the new Chairman of the Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly
    • Distribution plans 2016 finalised and passed
  • Rights Holders' Assembly 2017: Delegates’ election and projection for a record year 2016

    In line with its usual schedule - GVL’s Rights Holders’ Assembly took place last Friday, 5th of May 2017, in Berlin.  327 GVL rights holders voted directly and 712 rights holders via proxy to elect 22 delegates from a pool of 52 candidates.  With this election, the previous Board members were replaced by the new delegates in their capacity as rights holders’ representatives.  They jointly represent the interests of all rights holders together with the associates of GVL in the new Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly.  Furthermore, a record level in terms of collections for 2016 was announced - projected to be well in excess of EUR 200m for the first time.

  • GVL concludes its financial year 2015 with a total revenue of EUR 161.8m

    The Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten (GVL) concludes its financial year 2015 with a total revenue of EUR 161.8m. This represents a slight decrease of 0.9% compared to 2014. The decline results mainly from the effect of back payments in the previous year: In 2014, the conclusion of a general agreement on the private copying levies on PCs concluded with the majority of the hardware industry led to a back payment in the two-digit millions range (including back payments for previous years). If GVL was to eliminate this one-off effect, it can actually report an increase of its income in 2015.

  • Federal German Gov-ernment takes creatives for a ride: Press release by the GVL Board on the Collecting Societies Act (VGG)

    The GVL Board calls upon members of the German Bundestag not to approve the governmental draft of the Collecting Societies Act (VGG) in its current version. On the contrary, the parliamentarians should rather return to the original objective of the legislative draft, which was to support and strengthen creatives and their producers, and to finally correct the drastic maldevelopments related to blank media levies by the device manufacturers and importers.

  • GVL collects private copying remuneration for mobiles and tablets for the first time

    After negotiations spanning several years, collective management organisations gathered under the um-brella of the central collection and distribution organisation for private copying levies in Germany (ZPÜ), amongst them GVL, reached an agreement with the manufacturers and importers represented by BITKOM on the remuneration level for copying levies for mobiles and tablets.

  • Higher Regional Court Munich retracts positive decision – continuation of the discrimination against performing artists and music producers

    On 29 October 2015, the Higher Regional Court Munich decided that the tariff payable to performing artists and producers of sound recordings for playing sound recordings in dance schools shall only be 20% of the GEMA tariff payable to music authors.