Rob Gruschke

Geburtsjahr und Geburtsort:

1969 in Groningen (NL)

Beruflicher Schwerpunkt:
Internationale Leistungsschutzrechte

Vertreter der GVL-Berechtigten seit:


Delegierter der Gruppe:


Warum sind Sie Delegierter der GVL?

For the Beggars Group I am entirely dedicated to collecting neighbouring rights on a worldwide basis. Due to this specialist positioin I have obtained a lot of knowledge on international practises with the varying collecting societies all over the world. As a current board member of SENA (The Netherlands) and SIMIM (Belgium) and a member of the PPL Finance and distribution committees I am an experienced board member. Now at a time where GVL is going through big infrastructural (IT) changes and collecting societies are of special interest to the European Community international experience and focused attention to neighbouring rights are required to help GVL steer to the path of efficiency and transparency.

Wofür setzen Sie sich als Vertreter Ihrer Gruppe besonders ein?

Within GVL I would like to focus on the interests of the Independents. I think the independent community (as well as all other GVL members) are served best by transparency, this will be one of my focus points. Also international cooperation between collecting societies is very important and can (and will) be a future costs savings opportunity.

Warum ist die GVL eine wichtige Institution in der Musik- und Filmbranche?

GVL is really important in handling rights that are hard or impossible to manage individually. Also the negotiating power and the non-discriminative character of a collecting society are a valuable asset to the music industry.