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The exploitation of commercially published sound recordings via web radios is subject to a fee. If you operate a web radio you must register with GEMA and GVL. Since GEMA and GVL represent different groups of rights owners, you need to acquire both licences in order to use the music. While GEMA represents claims arising under copyright on behalf of composers and lyricists, among others, GVL represents the rights held by performing artists and producers of sound recordings.

Web radio tariff

Please note that there are certain operating conditions you need to fulfil in order to qualify for a webcasting licence from us. For further information, please go to our sub-page operating conditions webcasting

Commercial and non-commercial web radio / list of countries

For licensing purposes, we distinguish between commercial and non-commercial web radio services when it comes to webcasting.  Web radios that are not making any profits and have a non-profit making purpose – i.e. those that are only run for hobby purposes – shall be considered as non-commercial. Non-commercial web radios may choose between GVL's commercial and non-commercial tariffs.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that we have made arrangements with foreign collective management organisations which make it possible for you to run certain webcasting services also outside of Germany. The sub-pages provide more information for you on this subject.

Termination of web radio activities

If you cease to operate your web radio services, you have the right to terminate the contract without adhering to the notice period. Such an extraordinary termination shall take effect at the end of the month when the web radio services are discontinued, but not earlier than at the end of the month when the notice of termination reaches GVL. Once the extraordinary termination takes effect, the duty to pay remuneration shall cease to exist. For reasons of legal certainty we ask you to kindly send us your contractual termination with your original signature.

Please send your written termination to GVL by post. You may also send us the termination by e-mail, if you can scan the signed document.