Labels & labelcodes

A current overview of the labelcodes issued so far and the labels connected to them can be accessed via our GVL label research tool:

Please note: Our label research dates back till 31.12.2016. While we are updating our data base, please use the table for GVL-registered labelcodes (LC) and labels below, which contains all labels' registrations since 01.01.2017 and which are updated at a regular basis:

Table GVL-registered labelcodes and labels incl. LC transfer

[latest Update: 15.01.2019]

The Exel file contains both changes to existing labels and newly created labels since 01.01.2017. We therefore recommend you to use both data sources  - the label research and Exel file - for your research.

Information on use restrictions

Restrictions can be found in the current list for the revocation of rights as followed:

List for the revocation of rights