Additional forms of rights exploitation

If recordings protected under neighbouring rights legislation are used, GVL issues a licence in accordance with statutory provisions. Apart from the major exploitation areas already mentioned there are further areas which we have listed below.

Cable retransmission

Cable retransmission shall mean the retransmission of a programme via cable systems or microwave systems. The so-called "Munich Group" manages the collection on behalf of GVL; they are an association of collective management organisations licensing the relevant rights. 

School book tariff

If works protected by neighbouring rights are to be used in collections for the use in churches, schools or in lessons, the so-called "school book tariff" is applicable.  

Music use in private film productions

In the case of producing non-commercial or private films, a fee must be paid for the use of productions protected by neighbouring rights.

Background music on websites

If you want to use sound recordings as background music on your website, you can purchase the relevant licence from GVL. Here you find all necessary information regarding this license and its correspondent tariff.

Documents background music on websites commercial

Documents background music on websites non-commercial

Pursuant to section 79a of the UrhG (German Copyright Act)

If performing artists have contributed to a sound recording first published in 1963 or after, the producers of sound recordings shall pay 20% from the relevant proceeds arising from reproduction, distribution and making available under certain conditions.