New from 02/01/2017

With effect from 02 January 2017, the basis for producer remuneration changes at GVL: Your income will no longer be calculated based on label codes, but based on each track of your repertoire which you have to register anew in the GVL system. The label code is thus no longer the foundation for your remuneration allocation but remains as an additional identifier. The required functionalities will be made available via the producer portal label.gvl and will be gradually expanded.

The following Q&A are intended to answer your questions quickly and accurately:

[Latest update: 06.02.2017]

This system change has been necessary in order to comply with legal requirements but also to make it compatible at international level.

With the new distribution system, payments after 02 January 2017 made to you for the exploitation of your recordings will be made on an exact per-track basis. Distributions before 01 January 2017 are still subject to an allocation per label code with the relevant payments being collated per label.

Labels can ensure their remuneration for the exploitation of their repertoire by uploading all of their recording data onto the new portal label.gvl. GVL evaluates exploitations of the respective selected German broadcasters by allocating each usage to a recording. Labels will therefore receive a track-based evaluation of their recordings in relation to the usage and remuneration.

Just like before, you can register, check and manage your repertoire in the new producer portal, label.gvl. The new portal offers more transparency and is easier to use.

In future, any rights ownership conflicts will be identified by way of an automated process, and sent to you for resolution.

The changeover to a pure track-based distribution makes it possible for us to pay your remuneration within nine months after the end of the distribution year in future.

Additional functionalities will be continually added during the gradual further development of the portal.

Labels with a rights administration agreement with GVL:

Prior to your first log-in at label.gvl, you will require a new password. Please click on the link “issue new password!”. We will promptly send you a link to your e-mail address so that you can create a new password. Once you have done that, you can log in with your existing username (GVL contract number) and the new password, and start working in the portal right away.

Labels without a rights administration agreement with GVL:

You will have to mandate us first to manage your neighbouring rights for you by entering into a rights administration agreement with GVL. After that, you will receive your access data to label.gvl. Requirements for entering into an agreement: You need to provide us with company documentation and you will have to have released recordings in physical or digital format. Click here for the contract documentation.

Natural persons can update their contact details themselves, via label.gvl under the menu item “master data”.  In case you wish to amend your master data such as your contact details as a legal entity, your bank details or your company name, you can call our support team which is happy to help; you can reach them on +49 30 48483-650 or send an e-mail with your amendment requests to

Please register your entire repertoire in the new producer portal on a per-track basis.

Due to the extended legal requirements (track-based remuneration, distribution after 9 months, reporting, identification of legal disputes), the required compatibility with international standards, and for reasons of data accuracy, it is not possible to use data records already created in TRISYS for the new portal, label.gvl.

We will only get the best possible basis for a precise process if you enter all your recordings in the new portal. This also applies to data relating to recordings that you uploaded to TRISYS prior to 02 January 2017. We would like to kindly ask you for your active support.

For a track-based remuneration we will need information on various items relating to title, artist etc., but also information on rights which you hold for the individual recording. For this purpose, we will provide you with a table template (Excel) with exact specifications in our new portal label.gvl. You will only be able to upload your data if it complies with the required format. Alternatively, you can use the input mask under “Add a recording” in order to transmit individual recordings to GVL.

The easiest way to upload your recording data is via Excel. For this purpose, we will provide you with a table template (Excel) with exact specifications in our new portal label.gvl. Alternatively, you can use the input mask under “Add a recording” in order to transmit individual recordings to GVL.

Once you have uploaded your recording data, we register and process them. You can subsequently find and search for recordings you uploaded under “Your Repertoire”. If you wish to correct already uploaded data, please edit them on your computer and subsequently re-upload the changed recording data only.

For distribution year 2016, i.e. Recordings used during 2016 by the broadcasters, the relevant data must be registered with us by 30 April 2017. We recommend that you claim your rights on recordings as soon as they are released.

Recordings which were used in 2016 but not uploaded by 30 April 2017, cannot be remunerated in the course of the September 2017 pay-out, but will be part of a later distribution.

After the migration, we will pay you within nine months after the current distribution year has ended - three months earlier than previously. The first payout in line with the new system for usage year 2016 will thus take place on 30 September 2017.

Information on your broadcast minute results from 2010 onwards will also be available in the new producer portal as pdf or xls files.

GVL will continue to issue label codes upon request by producers of sound recordings. The label code (LC) is a unique five-digit identifier (example: LC 12345) and allocated to the label. It is no longer the foundation for your remuneration allocation but remains as an additional identifier. If you haven't signed an agreement for the assignment and administration of rights and have not received a label code yet, please click here for the necessary application forms. You have already signed a GVL representation agreement with us and received a label code from us, but would like to register an additional label code? Please click here for the application form.

Just like the label code continues to be issued, the label is going to be registered in future. 

We provide you with a table template (Excel) in the portal. You can enter your repertoire data into this template and subsequently upload it. We also provide suitable interfaces in future where you can quickly and comfortably transmit your data. Alternatively, you can use the input mask under “Add a recording” in order to transmit individual recordings to GVL.

The most efficient process concerning your remuneration depends on your individual repertoire, its exploitation/usage and your data stock. As a consequence, we cannot give a universal answer to this question. Let our support team provide you with personalised advice. We are happy to help: Monday to Friday, 8.00 to 18.00, at either +49 30 48483-650 or <href="">

In order to access and use the producer portal label.gvl and claim your rights on recordings, you do, just like for the previous portal, TRISYS, a computer and internet access. Your repertoire data is centrally stored in our system and automatically matched against the respective product data submitted by the users. This makes our work very efficient. A manual matching process between repertoire data received in writing and the respective product data would be very time-consuming and would entail high costs - and we deal with money in a very responsible way on behalf of our members.

Nevertheless we offer labels without a computer and/or internet access the possibility to provide their repertoire data in writing. As we are a fiduciary collective management organisation, we hope you appreciate that we need to raise a processing fee for this additional effort. The fee level is currently being coordinated with our supervisory authority - the German Patent and Trademark Office.

We support you with your online registration! With the new registration area in the producer portal label.gvl, we now offer you a simplified recording data registration process on top of a more comfortable user guidance. We would be happy to guide you through the online portal in order to support you with your searches for recordings and the online registration of your recording data. After all this helps us to avoid charging you a processing fee.

Do you still have questions on the new track-based distribution system or our new producer portal, label.gvl? Our support team for labels is available Monday to Friday between 08.00 and 18.00 and happy to answer your queries quickly and efficiently. Please call +493048483 - -650 or e-mail