Q&A regarding the current distribution

For any questions regarding the distribution, our support team is happy to assist you. Please contact them by e-mail at label@gvl.de or by phone at +49 30 48483-650.

Latest update: 27.10.2017

In the month of October 2017, we run the first distribution for producers of sound recordings whose productions were used during distribution year 2016.

Apart from the usage of your repertoire, there are two main requirements for a participation in the first distribution 2016: 

1. You must have uploaded your repertoire prior to 05/10/2017 to label.gvl and/or submitted it via an interface determined by GVL. 

2. Your tracks were conflict-free until 05/10/2017. 

If you have met these two conditions, you will usually be paid. In some individual cases, there may be other reasons preventing you to receive remuneration. If you have questions regarding your payment, please contact us via e-mail at label@gvl.de or by phone, +49 30 48483-650.


You won't lose any of your due monies for any registrations you have not submitted or any disputes you have not resolved yet! We will run a subsequent distribution as early as December 2017, where all further registrations and any recordings whose disputes have been resolved can be taken into consideration in relation to their exploitation in 2016 and the relevant distribution.

Please note: GVL can only consider the relevant recordings for distribution purposes once the conflict has been resolved. Disputes and conflicts, and how to resolve them, can be accessed at label.gvl under menu item “Claim Dispute Handler”.

There are two types of conflicts: Third party and own conflicts. Third party conflicts can only exist in connection with other rights owners in relation to the rights ownership of a track (original recording). Own conflicts, on the other hand, are in connection with your own repertoire (internal conflicts). They usually arise by conflicting details being submitted e.g. in relation to the rights ownership for a track (original recording) (e.g. via an upload of several different pieces of information with respect to one track). Please note that GVL requires precise track data - i.e. data in relation to specific original recordings - and that in contrast to that, release data does not serve as a basis: For example: there are several releases of one identical original track.

You can report your productions and resolve any conflicts until 2019 in order to participate in the subsequent distributions for exploitation year 2016 and receive payments. We will inform you separately on the exact registration deadlines at a later time.

The final distribution for distribution year 2016 shall be - just like for GVL performers - 2020.

The detailed report is available to you via label.gvl in the section “Broadcast-minute distribution”. There are two reports. One is the overview (pdf) which includes information on the recordings which were paid out with their total broadcast minutes as well as the allocation of their distributable remuneration across the various rights categories. The other one is the detailed Excel report which contains the split of broadcast minutes per recording across the evaluated broadcasters, apart from other detailed information. We can also e-mail you the pdf report. If you wish us to do so, please send us a brief e-mail request to label@gvl.de (please do indicated your GVL ID).

So far, the label code has been used as the distribution basis. From 2016 onwards, a track-based distribution will take place which enables us to clearly allocate the rights ownerships and therefore also an exact allocation of the occurred usages for a specific track. You can see from the detailed report on label.gvl which remuneration you received for which tracks.

The distribution of video clip remuneration is planned for the 1st quarter 2018.

This system change has been necessary in order to comply with legal requirements but also to make it compatible at international level.

With the new distribution system, payments after 02 January 2017 made to you for the exploitation of your recordings will be made on an exact per-track basis. Distributions before 01 January 2017 are still subject to an allocation per label code with the relevant payments being collated per label.

Your remuneration will be paid out within 9 months after the end of the first usage year for the first time. The registration deadline, that is the time that you have to register and establish your rights – closes 3 years after the end of the relevant business year, respectively.