Productions without notifications of participation

According to the Collecting Societies Act (Verwertungsgesellschaftengsetz VGG), GVL is obliged to point out productions for which no rightholders have yet been found or no participations have been notified. We therefore provide you here with lists of the corresponding productions separated according to media type and year of use.

In order to assert your rights and receive the corresponding remuneration, you must conclude a representation contract. You can then register your contributions in the artist portal To do this, simply copy or write down the production number given in the list and search for it in the artist portal. In this way you will receive the production you are looking for as a direct search result.  

Please note: In the course of our data cleansing, it may happen that the production number can no longer be found because product duplicates have been merged together. In this case, please search for the production using the title and check whether a contribution has already been registered by you. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or +49 30 48483-677.

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