How to register contributions?

You may get paid for productions you contributed to if they had any media usage. The contributions you register with us are the basis for such usage-based remuneration.

Follow these two steps to get your remuneration:

  1. Conclude your  representation agreement with GVL. By doing so, you simultaneously register for our online portal meine.gvl and automatically receive your access data as well as your personal contract number.
  2. Register your contributions to productions via meine.gvl. Just look for the relevant productions in our database and provide us with information on the nature of your contributions. As delays sometimes occur when broadcasters send us their transmission reports, you may not be able to locate your productions in ARTSYS.GVL until some months have passed after their actual first broadcast. You do, however, have a period of four years to register your contribution with us.
  3. We recommend that you register your contributions as timely as possible; a partial amount is paid out to you within the first three years. The complete remuneration will be paid out to you at the end of the registration period. You thus have four years for each distribution year to register your contribution in the broadcast productions. This way, all artists involved in a specific production can be given enough time to register their contributions. Please click here for further information on the distribution cycles.
  4. We check that the information you provided is complete and correct in order to turn your contributions into money. If your productions were used, remuneration for you is generated.

Apart from our general support team, we also have staff that can assist you with specific questions you may have related to individual production areas and media types. Please choose the production area that applies to you.