Undistributed sub-budgets

GVL income allocated to performers is subdivided into five distribution budgets in line with the distribution regulations as ratified by the Board. The distribution budgets radio productions and film & TV productions are broken down further into more sub-budgets. Some of these sub-budgets have so far not been distributed. At the beginning of 2017, the first sub-budget will be released for access. Other budgets will follow suit.

The development of the distribution process for the so-called “open sub-budgets” is still ongoing. This includes, among other items, contributions in advertising and jingles for radio and TV. Getting complete usage information at a reasonable cost is an undertaking which, in view of the limited available budget, is much harder than initially anticipated. In order to create sustainable solutions, previous approaches are going to be reviewed in the second half of 2019. We consequently do not anticipate a first distribution of these previously undistributed sub-budgets prior to 2020.

The following sub-budgets are affected by this:

  • Documentary films / series
  • Documentary soaps
  • Individual contributions (e.g. in entertainment shows and other stage productions)
  • TV jingles
  • TV advertising
  • Radio jingles
  • Radio advertising
  • Music in radio plays

As soon as we have further information on this situation - regarding registration and distribution deadlines - we are going to let you know via this means of communication.

Of course, you are definitely not going to lose your entitlements from distribution year 2010 onwards.  The remuneration is held back until the final distribution of the “open sub-budgets” and is then going to be distributed in its entirety.


Make-up of previously undistributed sub-budgets

You can check the distribution regulations published by GVL regarding the composition of these distribution budgets for performers.