Direct distribution public performance

Here you find more information on the Direct distribution public performance (in particular in the course of major events/mass events).

In the course of the direct distribution public performance GVL distributes for sound recordings which were used significantly in the public performance sector in the relevant distribution year (in particular in the course of major events/mass events) but had only minor broadcast usage. With this direct distribution, the previous distribution budget for newly released sound recordings without relevant broadcast use (see also news dated 30/7/2019).

In order to participate in this direct distribution, rights holders must assert their claims for distribution years from 2010 onwards via the „Meldeformular Direktverteilung Öffentliche Wiedergabe“ / „Bescheinigung über die Öffentliche Wiedergabe“ ("Notification form - direct distribution public performance” / “Certification of the public performance”) until 31/12/2020. Rights holders can assert their claims on a title after the first regular distribution for the respective usage year with us. Please note: A notification is only possible if we have the notification form as well as the certification by the event organiser.

A distribution is only made to those rights holders which have contributed to sound recordings that have been released.

Your title may have been played on the radio but must not have had more than 200 minutes broadcast usage in the relevant usage year.

No. The process requires a significant use in a public space, e.g. in the course of a mass event.
The distribution amounts from usages on a smaller public scale such as in salesrooms/shops, gastronomy etc. fall below the so-called de minimis limit set out in the distribution plans.

You can assert your contributions after the first regular distribution for the respective usage year with us.

Claims for remuneration from the distribution budget “Publicly performed sound recordings without relevant broadcast use” can be reported for distribution years 2010-2018 until 31/12/2020. A distribution is planned for the 1st semester 2021 (semester following the expiry of the registration deadline), however, it is possible that due to technical or factual reasons, the distribution may occur later.

In order to process your claim, we need the following evidence:

  • Evidence for the contribution (Agreement covering professional fees, invoice, third party confirmation)
  • Evidence for the existence of the sound recording (inlay scan/copy)
  • Evidence on the public performance of the sound recording (“Certification of the public performance”)

You have the option to create two contributions in one title. Please take care that when you create a second contribution entry, you observe inadmissible combinations.

Inadmissible combinations of contributions within a title would be:

  • Conductor AND studio conductor
  • two contributions as a singer with identical function and deviating or identical pitch
  • Ensemble/band member AND studio musician
  • Ensemble-/band member AND soloist
  • Conductor AND artistic producer

Please provide suitable evidence with the form regarding your contributions (e.g. agreement covering professional fees, invoice, third party confirmation etc.)

Yes, this is possible. The event organiser can send a scan of the certification to or choose a dispatch by post to (GVL, “Direktverteilung Öffentliche Wiedergabe“, Podbielskiallee 64, 14195 Berlin).
Please take care that you - as a performer - add the necessary information on your person to the certification.