Distribution calculation

Your individual remuneration entitlement depends on various parameters; the nature of your contribution as well as the type and scope of usage are usually authoritative for the level of your remuneration. Above and beyond that, the Board – as elected by our members – determines the specifications for the distribution calculations each year; they are then published in our distribution regulations.

Your individual remuneration entitlement is determined in four steps:

  1. You, the rights holder, registers the nature and scope of your contribution to a production. GVL now determines the creditable category points for your contribution to the production based on the information you provided on role  and, where applicable, function or shooting days/dubbing takes and further parameters. The basis for this are the distribution regulations ratified by the Board.
  2. Provided that GVL has been notified that a production was used by one of the broadcasters subject to analysis in the relevant distribution year, the actual usage duration of the production serves as a basis for the relevant distribution year. It will then be multiplied (or "weighted") with various factors ("weighted") in order to obtain the creditable usage units of the production. The distribution regulations provide for different regressive tiers depending on the type of production.
  3. The next step is to multiply the individually creditable category points of the contribution registration with the creditable usage units calculated for the relevant production. The result are the individual contribution points valid for the contribution registration.
  4. In order to determine the remuneration entitlement for your contribution registration, the contribution points calculated in the previous step are multiplied with the current monetary value per contribution point. The final result is your remuneration entitlement for your contribution registration.

In order to calculate the total remuneration you are entitled to, steps 1-4 are repeated for each of your contribution registrations. The final grand total thus calculated is paid out to you in the course of the distribution.

Distribution regulations