We calculate your remuneration based on the exploitation of productions to which you contributed: If they are broadcast via radio or TV, for example, GVL pays out remuneration to you.

Your advantage: If such productions are exploited for several years, it is possible that you receive payments each time. The parameters for the calculation of your individual remuneration amount are updated and ratified by the Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly each year. That way, we make sure current developments in the field of artistic professions are satisfied.

Our staff are happy to help you with any distribution-related queries you may have. Their contact details are in the infobox on the right hand side.

Distribution Cycle

A distribution cycle consists of a registration phase plus original, supplementary and closing distribution.

Registration phase

Artists basically have a four-year period to register their contributions to productions (e.g. music title, TV series or radio play). The regular registration phase of four years is in operation since our 2012 distribution. Artists must register their contributions by the end of the registration phase in order to claim their remuneration (see diagram).

Original and supplementary distribution

After the original distribution, a minimum of two supplementary distributions are regularly scheduled; these cater for newly registered contributions, new parameter calculations or distributions of retroactive user payments. 

Important: The amounts paid to our members in the original and supplementary distributions shall be provisional until the end of the registration phase. It only becomes apparent at the end of the registration phase how many artists actually registered a claim to receive remuneration for the distribution year.

Closing distribution

The closing distribution takes place once the registration phase is over. Any remuneration held in suspense for the respective distribution year unclaimed by artists shall then be released for onward payment to all artists with existing contribution registrations. The closing distribution ends the distribution cycle.

Distribution Cycles Performers 2021 (Plan)

Undistributed sub-budgets

GVL income allocated to performing artists is subdivided into five distribution budgets in line with the distribution regulations as ratified by the Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly. The distribution budgets radio productions and film & TV productions are broken down into further sub-budgets. Please click here for further information.