GVL modernises its branding

02. June 2014. 

GVL introduced a new logo and corporate design in order to make its successful development and modernisation visible to the outside world.

"We have re-evaluated and re-aligned many processes and structures in the past few years in order to be able to offer both our members and rights users solutions that are ready for the future. The migration of our distribution systems to a usage-based distribution for artists and the intensified cooperation with foreign sister societies are only two examples for the change that our collective management organisation is undergoing", explain the two Managing Directors, Guido Evers and Dr. Tilo Gerlach. "By subjecting our external presentation to a contemporary redesign, the advanced strategic change process at GVL becomes visible. This marks another milestone on our way to a comprehensive and profound modernisation."

The new corporate design is based on the motto already launched in 2011 "The world is a stage. We support the act." By doing so, GVL wants to document its activities as a supportive provider of administrative services for more than 140,000 members who render impressive performances, either on stage or similar platforms. GVL shall therefore present itself by using a logo whose most significant graphical element is a succinct square - the square signifies a stage for our members but it can also represent a symbol for CD covers or other media.

"The new logo, with its succinctness and modern look has a higher recognition value and emphasises our position as a strong and competitive collective management organisation", stresses Hendrik Gerstung, Head of Communications/PR at GVL and responsible for the new corporate design. "The new colour scheme, with red-brown and black as primary colours plus a fresh blue and green as secondary colours picks up on values which the motto, coined together with the GVL staff, includes: Competence, commitment and accountability."

In the course of adapting the new design, the GVL website has also been completely redesigned and its contents expanded. "It now fulfils the practical requirements of a contemporary online presence. The website is our most important business card and offers varied new contents and information on GVL's activities, individual distribution years and our organisational bodies and committees to those who are interested. The usability of the website has been improved by introducing a menu navigation tailored for our target audience and by implementing latest web standards", add Gerlach and Evers. The new website is online with immediate effect.

The new corporate design was developed by Berlin-based branding agency kleiner und bold. The creative team around Tammo Bruns and Johannes Pauen were awarded more than fourty international and national prizes for their performance in communication and design. For the homepage relaunch, GVL works with the agency "publicgarden", based in Berlin-Mitte. This agency is specialised in providing advice for and the implementation of means of digital corporate communication.