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Updated GVL distribution schedule for performers

18. September 2019. 

Here you can find information on GVL’s current plans for the distributions in the coming months.

We are planning the following distributions by the end of 2019:

  • Payment of the late ZPÜ monies for 2010: This pay-out relates to the back payment of ZPÜ monies for private copying remuneration (mobile phones and Pcs) which GVL received last year.
  • Supplementary distribution of remuneration for newly released sound recordings without significant broadcasting usage – also referred to as “not significantly broadcast sound recordings” (German abbreviation (nrsTT)” – for 2010-2012:
    GVL has decided jointly with its committees and governing bodies to discontinue the distribution budget which had been in existence since 2010, “budget for newly released sound recordings without significant broadcast usage” due to the excessive distribution costs. The distributable amount included there in, which had never been paid out in the past - about EUR 16.1m for 2010-2012 - shall be incorporated into the budget of the sound recordings distribution and shall be retroactively paid for the already completed distribution years. From 2013 onwards, the budget will be incorporated normally into the sound recordings budget.
    Any claims from public performance shall be covered in future, in exceptional cases and wherever there have been substantial usages via the “Direct distribution public performance”.
  • Subsequent distributions for distribution years 2015-2017 as well as the first distribution of distribution year 2018:
    By the end of 2019, a subsequent distribution for 2015-2017 is scheduled to take place. Due to the technical systems migrations, not all contribution registrations which have been submitted will have been verified by then. We expect that half of the submitted contribution registrations will be taken into account. The complete process would only lead to further delays which we cannot stand for.
    For 2018, we now have the broadcast dates of sound recordings as well as feature films and series (apart from stage productions, more details on that can be found under “News” in the artsys.gvl news area). In general, you have three years in order to submit your registrations without losing any remuneration. In order to benefit from the first distribution for 2018, however, please do register your contributions on products with 2018 usages by 31/10/2019 via the artsys.gvl portal. We expect to be able to take such notifications and registrations into account for the first distribution at the end of 2019.

We have decided to combine the final distributions for the years 2013 and 2014 and to carry them out mid-2020. The background to this is as follows: The verification of these quarters will be taking place for the first time based on our new, partially automated distribution process. Due to the joint distribution of usage years 2013 and 2014 we can be more efficient at verifying the vast amounts of contribution registrations and ensure an adequate quality of the verification process.

The so-called sub-budgets (also referred to as “open budgets”) which have not been distributed yet are excluded from the so-called regular and final distributions; this is something we had written to you about very recently (cf.

The dates mentioned reflect the current planning and scheduling status. We can, however, not guarantee that delays may happen depending on the progress made in the various distribution iterations.

Our support team is happy to assist you with any questions regarding the distribution. You can reach the team via e-mail, at or by calling them on +49 30 48483-677.

Thank you for your understanding.