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Replacement of the distribution budget sound recordings without relevant broadcast use / exceptional case: New direct distribution public performance

30. July 2019. 

GVL has, together with its governing bodies, decided to replace the “budget for newly released sound recordings without relevant broadcast use” due to its disproportionately high distribution costs. Claims from public performance will, in future, be covered by the “direct distribution public performance”.

The “direct distribution public performance” shall, in exceptional cases, also make it possible to compensate performances which previously could not be taken into account by the distribution system based on broadcast reports. In order to benefit from this distribution budget, rights holders must assert their claims with significant uses in the public performance sector for distribution years from 2010 onwards via the „Meldeformular Direktverteilung Öffentliche Wiedergabe“ / „Bescheinigung über die Öffentliche Wiedergabe“ ("Notification form - direct distribution public performance" / "Certification of the public performance") until 31/12/2020. Please note: A notification is only possible if we have the notification form as well as the certification by the event organiser. Please click here for further information on public performance.

The new distribution plans from 2010 were updated with respect to this change and the relevant distribution systematology was added. You can access the amended distribution plans at “Documents and Forms“, detailed information under distribution plan no. 2 for performing artists, b), bb).  


* UPDATE: Additional information based on current news (18/9/2019)

GVL is planning among other distribution the following distribution by the end of 2019:

  • Supplementary distribution of remuneration for newly released sound recordings without significant broadcasting usage – also referred to as “not significantly broadcast sound recordings” (German abbreviation (nrsTT)” – for 2010-2012:
    GVL has decided jointly with its committees and governing bodies to discontinue the distribution budget which had been in existence since 2010, “budget for newly released sound recordings without significant broadcast usage” due to the excessive distribution costs. The distributable amount included there in, which had never been paid out in the past - about EUR 16.1m for 2010-2012 - shall be incorporated into the budget of the sound recordings distribution and shall be retroactively paid for the already completed distribution years. From 2013 onwards, the budget will be incorporated normally into the sound recordings budget.
    Any claims from public performance shall be covered in future, in exceptional cases and wherever there have been substantial usages via the “Direct distribution public performance”.