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Registration deadline for distribution year 2014 ends on 30/06/2019

09. May 2019. 

Regarding the final distribution 2014, GVL kindly asks all members to submit their contributions with regards to usage year 2014 registrations by the end of June 2019.

Dear GVL members,

We would like to kindly ask you to check whether you have submitted your contribution registrations comprehensively and completely with regards to us-age year 2014. 

In order to ensure that your notifications are taken into account for the final distribution 2014, we need your respective registrations by 30/06/2019. So-called “open sub-budgets” which are still being developed and whose distribution has not been launched yet continue to be excluded from this registration deadline.

We have installed the new filter “distribution relevance 2014” for you in the production search on our portal so that you can find productions which were broadcast during 2014 more easily. 

We are going to inform you separately with respect to the exact date of the final distribution 2014. You can also check the relevant status of the current distributions at any time here.

If you have any questions concerning your contributions, our member services team is happy to help. Please contact them on +49 30 48483 677 or by e-mail

With kind regards

Your GVL