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GVL plans to provide further assistance

18. March 2020. 

GVL reacts to the current plight of creatives with the first instance of support payments - more comprehensive measures are coordinated

As an emergency measure, the GVL pays 250 Euros to its freelance rightsholders for the cancellation of concerts and productions, so that they at least have a financial margin for the most necessary things. In addition, the GVL Committees are currently discussing further measures. The aim is to provide the GVL's rightsholders with a financial buffer in the coming months so that they can cope better with everyday life.

GVL expressly welcomes the initiative of Monika Grütters, Minister of State for Culture and Media, to provide political support in this area and supports the demand of Christian Höppner, Secretary General of the German Music Council, to pay a basic income to the creative people for a limited period of time.