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GVL pays out remuneration from international distributions

19. August 2020. 

At the beginning of August, GVL paid out a total of 3.6 million Euros from international distributions to approximately 11,500 performers. This includes remuneration from the USA, Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands, among others.

In order to forward collections by CMOs abroad, GVL needs to process the payment information it receives from its sister organisations and, in some cases, allocate lump-sum payments individually to its rights holders.  Due to the diversity of the data, this sometimes takes more time. In addition, the receipt of the remuneration depends on the respective distributions of the sister organisations and is bundled across several years.

In the current payout round, part of the amounts collected was distributed. Further distributions for both performers and producers will probably follow in autumn/winter.


New representation agreements

At the beginning of 2020, GVL's international network grew some more: GVL concluded three new representation agreements with the collecting societies ABRAMUS (Brazil), SAMPRA (South Africa) and ARTISTI 7607 (Italy).

The contracts with ABRAMUS and SAMPRA provide for mutual exchange for artists (TT [sound recordings]) from distribution year 2019 onwards. The contract with ARTISTI 7607 (AV, [audiovision] category) is unilateral. It enables the Italian collective management organisation to claim for its performers from GVL from the distribution year 2015 onwards. In Italy, GVL already has agreements on the performer side with two other organisations (Nuovo IMAIE - bilateral (AV and TT) and ItsRight - also unilateral (TT)). By concluding agreements with ABRAMUS and SAMPRA, GVL entered into contractual relationships in South America and Africa for the first time.

All three societies, like GVL, are organised under the umbrella of SCAPR (Societies' Council for the Collective Management of Performers' Rights).


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