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GVL Online Seminar: GVL for producers (Basics)

03. November 2020. 

Since the new distribution regulations on the basis of legal requirements came into force in 2016, producers of sound recordings and labels who are rights holders benefit from an increased transparency and track-based distribution today.

Furthermore, GVL is going to run a final distribution for producers on the basis of the new Collecting Societies Act for the first time this year in December.

Enough good reasons in order to register as a rights holder with us, to keep your registered repertoire up to date and to look after conflict resolution and claims of “open” usages regularly.

What else is on the agenda for you?

Do you want to get an overview of the respective deadlines and obligations for the deadlines and do you require practical tips for the registration via the new GVL producer portal label.gvl, to change the information on rights ownership and to manage conflict resolution? Are you interested in the various new functions and processes for labels?

In that case, please take part in this practice-oriented GVL online seminar.

When: On 18 November 2020, at 5:00 pm. 

Target audience: New producers of sound recordings who have become GVL rights holders and all others who may be interested.

You can register with the following form: Online seminar registration.

We look forward to seeing you!