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GVL adopts new set of Articles of Association

21. December 2016. 

GVL has adapted its Articles of Association in line with the new legal requirements based on Art. 134 VGG (Act on Collective Management Organisations). Organisational changes to the association’s committee structure are only one aspect of the effects of the VGG. The principle of providing for an even stronger involvement of members and associates is now also enshrined in the law.

Associates and members will be represented in a joint committee and carry out their activities in the Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly. It will replace the Board, which has been the previous representative institution for members. To this end, members are going to elect delegates as their representatives into the Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly. Delegates (and substitutes) will be elected from within group assemblies - hitherto the rights holders' assembly. Group assemblies will be convened at least every four years; all members may participate in these gatherings in future. The German Orchestra Association e.V. and the Federal Association of the Music Industry e.V. remain associates of GVL.

Henceforth, members will have even more opportunities to influence the resolutions made at the Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly via their representatives (delegates). Delegates take part in the joint committee with the associates with an advisory role; at the same time, they are entitled to vote. Delegates’ voting rights include, for example, resolutions on distribution regulations, tariffs or rights administration conditions. The Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly may also create additional committees. The requirements for a Complaints Committee are prescribed by the law as well as by the Articles of Association. In addition, the Articles of Association, based on the legal provisions of the Act on Collective Management Organisations call for a separate supervisory body to act as an audit committee.

The new Articles of Association have come into force upon their entry into the trade register on 19/12/2016. Until the first delegates have been elected, the delegates’ rights will be represented by the existing Board.

Here you will find the current version of Articles of Association.