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  • Information for producers regarding the follow-up distribution for usage year 2016: Payout now in February

    From mid-February 2018 onwards, GVL will be making its payouts for the first ‘follow-up’ distribution for usage year 2016 The distribution which had originally been announced for 2018 needed to be postponed by a few weeks due to the artist payouts which had to be run simultaneously.

  • Launch of the final distribution for the years 2010-2012

    GVL has begun with its final distribution for artists for the years 2010, 2011 and 2012. Right holders for whom we hold complete details and whose remuneration entitlement exceeds EUR 5.00, shall receive their distributions and payouts for said individual years in the coming weeks. We regret the technical issues that prevented us from an earlier distribution in 2017. You can access detailed information regarding your payout as a download in the personal section “my data” in artsys.gvl in the next few days.

  • December 2017: additional payout for artists’ international remuneration

    In December 2017, we are going to payout international remuneration that we have received from abroad on top of the planned artists’ final distribution for 2010-2012.

  • Information on the current GVL distributions: Payout period postponement

    The start of GVL payouts are expected to be made no sooner than at the end of December 2017 and are likely to extend until the second quarter 2018. The artists’ distributions (final distribution for the years 2010-2012, regular distribution for the years 2013-2015 and initial distribution 2016) are likely to extend until the second quarter 2018. Furthermore, the additional payouts for international remuneration we have received from abroad for private copying levies 2008/2009 (ZPÜ monies) are already paid up to an amount of 80% from total.

  • New on artsys.gvl: gvl-proposals also for dubbing actors

    Under the menu item "gvl proposals" also dubbing actors are now offered suggestions for their contributions which they have not yet reported to the GVL, but which are relevant for distribution.

  • GVL publishes its 2016 annual report jointly with a transparency report for the first time

    GVL published its annual report together with the first transparency report for financial year 2016 on 30/08/2017. From now on, GVL’s annual reports include further economic and market-specific details in addition to the obligatory key performance indicators. GVL thus exceeds the statutory transparency requirements in a comprehensive manner.

  • GVL confirms record collections of EUR 271m in 2016

    In the course of this year’s Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly, GVL has announced record figures for its 2016 collections. In the reporting period, the organisation collected more than EUR 271m on behalf of its members.

  • General Assembly 2017: Presentation and Press release

    Here you can find the german version of the presentation of GVL's Rights Holders' Assembly, which took place in Berlin on 5 May 2017.

  • Rights Holders' Assembly 2017: Delegates’ election and projection for a record year 2016

    In line with its usual schedule - GVL’s Rights Holders’ Assembly took place last Friday, 5th of May 2017, in Berlin.  327 GVL rights holders voted directly and 712 rights holders via proxy to elect 22 delegates from a pool of 52 candidates. 

  • GVL mourns its Board member Frank Dostal

    Our long-term Board member, the lyricist and music producer Frank Dostal, passed away unexpectedly in the night from 17th to 18th April, aged 71.