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How do I get my remuneration for exploitations abroad? What do I have to do? Which countries do I get such remuneration from? These and other frequently asked questions are answered below. You still have questions? No problem, simply contact our International team.


GVL usually pays you for productions that were broadcast in Germany. In addition, GVL also administers your rights as a performing artist in countries where GVL has concluded reciprocal agreements, which is why you can also receive remuneration from abroad. In order for you to benefit from this income, you need to have granted us a mandate for the countries in question. Where applicable, please complete the form assignment of rights and return it signed to GVL.

As an artist, please complete the rights mandate form when you conclude the GVL representation agreement with us and register your contributions regularly via ARTSYS.GVL. Such contribution registrations are the basis for our administration of your rights abroad.

In order for us to administer your rights as a producer, you need to mandate us via TRISYS.GVL and upload your tracks there.

GVL exchanges information on repertoire used abroad via a standardised process. Your contribution registration via our online portal ARTSYS.GVL forms the basis for such a data exchange with foreign sister societies in order to establish your claims with them. Contributions without the "green tick" in ARTSYS.GVL can still generate remuneration from abroad. The usage indicator in ARTSYS.GVL (the "Euro symbol") applies for productions used in Germany and for sound recording productions used abroad; unfortunately it does not reflect the usage of film and TV productions abroad at the moment. In cases where you cannot locate a production used abroad in ARTSYS.GVL you can register it via e-mail to international@gvl.de. We also recommend to register productions that appear more than once in our database as the spelling of the productions’ titles may differ from those used abroad. Irrespective of the usage indicator in ARTSYS.GVL and also in case you do not know whether your productions were used abroad we always recommend that you register your contributions as soon as possible via ARTSYS.GVL. That way you ensure that you will not miss out on any remuneration from abroad.

The countries and years for which we establish remuneration claims on your behalf depend on our existing reciprocal agreements and your rights assignment to us. Please fill in the form in order to entrust us individually with the international administration of your rights.

GVL exchanges information on repertoire used abroad via a standardised process so that your contribution registration in ARTSYS.GVL can be used as a basis for establishing remuneration claims on your behalf. Reciprocal agreements we have in place and the types of rights you assigned to us determine in which countries and for which period (years) we can claim your remuneration. Please complete this form, to mandate us individually to administer your rights at international level.

Here are details on our current reciprocal agreements for performing artists. This chart is updated regularly, i.e. as soon as we enter into additional agreements with collective management organisations.

Overview reciprocal agreement artists


  Collective management organisation TT AV
Austria VDFS   x
  LSG-Interpreten x  
Belgium PlayRight x
Canada  ARTISTI  
  ACTRA PRS (unilateral) x  
  MROC (unilateral) x  
Czech Republic INTERGRAM x  
Croatia HUZIP x  
Denmark GRAMEX DK x  
  FILMEX   x
Finland GRAMEX FI x  
France ADAMI x


Greece ERATO x  
Ireland RAAP x  
Italy Nuovo IMAIE x
  ITSRIGHT (unilateral) x  
Japan CPRA x  
Latvia LaIPA x  
Netherlands SENA x  
  NORMA   x
Norway GRAMO x  
Poland SAWP x  
  STOART x  
Portugal GDA x x
Romania CREDIDAM x  
Russia RUR x  
  VOIS x  
Slovenia IPF x  
Spain AIE x  
Sweden SAMI x  
Switzerland SWISSPERFORM x open 
UK PPL x  
  BECS   x
USA SoundExchange x  
  AARC x  
  AFM&AFTRA Fund x  

TT = sound recordings, AV = films & series

The overview shows which collective management organisations GVL currently negotiates agreements with. As soon as these negotiations are finalised, we will update this overview accordingly. Should you have questions on countries that are not included in our list, please contact us by phone or via e-mail.

Negotiations with sister societies

Country Collective management organisation TT AV
Canada ACTRA  
Estonia EEL  
France SPEDIDAM x  
Greece APOLLON  
Iceland SFH x  
Lithuania AGATA x  
Slovakia SLOVGRAM  
  OZIS x  
Swede Copyswede   x
Switzerland SWISSPERFORM   x
Turkey BIROY   x

TT = sound recordings, AV = films & series

Overview reciprocal agreements producers


Country Collective management organisation
Belgium SIMIM
Canada Re:Sound
Estonia EFÜ
Italy SCF
Jamaica JAMMS
Latvia LaIPA
Netherlands SENA
Romania UPFR
Sweden IFPI
Ukraine UMA/UMRL
USA SoundExchange

At present, we cannot display productions that have been broadcast abroad in ARTSYS.GVL for reasons of data protection and data processing technology. If you cannot find the relevant productions in ARTSYS.GVL, you are welcome to contact us by sending an e-mail to international@gvl.de.

It is already helpful to us as a first step if you know which country your productions were broadcast in. We can then focus our inquiries on said productions.

The international norm is to keep undistributed or unallocated remuneration on hold for three years: During that time, artists can claim their entitlement to remuneration payments if they have contributed to the broadcast productions. This registration period of three years after the broadcast also applies to GVL for productions broadcast via German radio and TV stations. An exception hereto are only the distribution years 2010 (5 years) and 2011 (4 years) for which extended registration deadlines have been set (more information on the distribution cycle for artists).

Distribution regulations of the collective management organisation in question always form the starting base for the calculation of remuneration. What this means is that remuneration for a production with your contribution, broadcast in Spain, will be calculated according to the distribution regulations of the relevant Spanish collective management organisation. Once we receive the relevant remuneration, we will forward it to you without any further deduction. Please note that in most countries only a selection of stations is analysed for distribution purposes

There are no fixed timetables for paying out foreign remuneration. Said pay-outs are also made throughout the year to GVL members. The reason for this are the different registration and distribution periods of our sister societies. We do, however, strive to introduce regular timetables.

So far, we have only received information containing the country and the year the foreign remuneration for you relates to. It is very rare that we receive any information relating to specific productions. This may well change in future and we would communicate this via our website.

In some countries, GVL is in the course of negotiating agreements with the collective management organisations in those territories. Please see the overview below. As soon as these negotiations are finalised, we will update this overview accordingly. Should you have questions on countries that are not included in our list, please contact us by phone or via e-mail. 

Negotiations with sister societies

Country Collective management organisation TT AV
Canada ACTRA   x
Croatia HUZIP x  
Estonia EEL x  
France SPEDIDAM x  
  ADAMI   x
Greece APOLLON x  
Iceland SFH x  
Lithuania AGATA x  
Norway Norwaco   x
Slovakia SLOVGRAM x  
  OZIS x  
Sweden Copyswede   x
Switzerland SWISSPERFORM   x
Türkei BIROY   x