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Online Seminar

For all GVL rights holders and other interested parties, we offer the opportunity to receive information on various practice-oriented matters relevant to GVL in the course of the online seminars, free of charge. Registration takes place about 14 days prior to the planned online seminar via the registration form.

  • 26.05

    Online seminar for producers: label.gvl and managing rights ownership records (EN)

    Dirk Löwenberg (Head of the Rights Holders’ Service Division for Producers & Promoters) and his colleague, Ender Kalender will introduce the producer portal label.gvl to our producer rights holders and after that dedicate the presentation to the topic rights ownership records and how to manage them. 

    How do you register and edit your rights ownership records? And how do such changes potentially impact your distribution results? These and your own, specific questions will be answered on 26 May 2021 5 PM (CET). 

    We look forward to seeing you!

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