Past rights holders’ assemblies

You were not able to attend at our Right Holders' Assembly in person?  In the following, we put together some information on past Right Holders' Assemblies for you.

Rights Holders' Assembly 2017

At the Right Holders' Assembly on 05 May 2017 in the Hotel InterContinental in Berlin, 327 GVL members and 712 right holders who were represented via proxy authorisations elected their 22 delegates and 18 alternate delegates (4 positions remained unfilled) into the Associates’ and Delegates’ Assembly. At the assembly, GVL also provided information on the latest developments affecting the collective management organisation. Since the end of 2016, GVL has been working on the basis of a new set of Articles of Association which implement the Collecting Societies’ Act (VGG). As a consequence, the past Right Holders' Assembly has been the first which was executed in line with the provisions of the new Articles of Association.

Rights holders' assembly 2014

On 14 February 2014, the Right Holders' Assembly took place in Berlin. Since the validity of the past Board elections in 2012 had been challenged by a member before the courts, the Managing Directors decided to bring the event forward by one year in order to re-establish the necessary legal certainty. A total of 392 right holders followed our invitation and came to the Hotel InterContinental in Berlin. About 700 right holders participated in the elections of the then governing so-called Board and elected four new representatives for it. 

Rights holders' assembly 2012

At the rights holders' assembly on 15 May 2012, nearly 700 producer, artist and event organiser members attended in the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin in order to elect their representatives to the GVL Board. Eight Board members were confirmed in their positions, new representatives were elected in four groups.

Rights holders' assembly 2009

In 2009, the rights holders' assembly was held on 07 May 2009 in the Hotel Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof. 217 participating members elected two new Board members.