Our associates are the Deutsche Orchestervereinigung e.V. (German Orchestra Association, short: DOV) and the Bundesverband Schauspiel e.V. (Federal Acting Association, short: BFFS) for the performers’ side and the Bundesverband Musikindustrie e.V. (Federal Association of the Music Industry, short: BVMI) and the Verband unabhängiger Musikunternehmen e.V. (VUT) for the producers’ side. They look after the right balance being maintained at GVL.

Associate representative for the German Orchestra Association is the DOV Managing Director, Gerald Mertens.

Associate representative for the Bundesverband Schauspiel e.V. is the Executive Counsel of the BFFS, Bernhard F. Störkmann.

Associate representative for the Federal Association of the Music Industry is the BVMI Chairman of the Board, Dr. Florian Drücke.

Associate representative for the Verband unabhängiger Musikunternehmen e.V. (VUT) is the Managing Director Jörg Heidemann.

Articles of Association in their version dated 19 December 2016

List of associates