Günther Gebauer

Year and place of birth:

1951 in Wallerstein

Professional focus:

Musician, studio musician

Representative of GVL members since:


Why did you become a GVL delegate?

I aim to use my long-term experience as a right holder in countless music productions as well as a GVL Board member for the professional category of studio musicians and studio singers for our aims and interests. All decisions of the Board always affect me directly.

As a representative of your group, what type of issues do you support in particular?

The contribution made by studio musicians and studio singers to music productions is not being adequately remunerated. The composition and weighting of the Board and the Committees must be reviewed and adapted to new production methods and participation structures. GVL has to pro-actively support the remuneration for so-called “older artists”. A fair distribution has priority over all other issues.

Why is GVL an important organisation in the music and film business?

GVL ensures that all members gain their share of economic return in terms of their creative work - and in all possible forms of exploitation, both nationally and internationally.