GVL Inside – Newsletter March 2021

Dear Readers,

After a hard corona winter, we are just at the beginning of a third wave of infection. A relaxation of the situation for the creative industry so much hoped for with the lockdown has not materialised. Over the coming weeks, it should become clearer which dynamics are going to emerge from the British virus mutant on the one hand and the vaccination and testing strategies on the other hand. We know that this uncertainty which has been ongoing for more than one year now, is extremely stressful for many creatives.

That is why we at GVL continue to do our utmost to be a strong partner for our rights holders and stand by them in this crisis. We are very happy that, last year, we managed to pay out about €280m to our entitled performers and producers. We have learned from the majority of the feedback received how important the GVL payments were to our rights holders in the year of the pandemic. The corona immediate emergency relief amounting to €250 was also a means of support to many. It is now a year that this scheme has been in place and it is still possible to apply for aid from it.

During the year of the pandemic, 2020, we received high back payments for previous years from the private copying sector. Thanks to these high amounts, our income in 2020 has remained relatively stable despite major changes in individual collection areas. We are particularly pleased that we are thus able to compensate for the corona-owed decline and to pay out the initial distributions at the usual level.

Such and other topics are included in the latest issue of the GVL newsletter.

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GVL distributions 2021 at a glance

GVL distributions 2021 at a glance

GVL distributed approximately €280m last year

Despite the exceptional year due to corona, GVL distributed €278.4m to its rights holders in 2020. The amount paid out in the previous year was approx. €219m. “We are pleased that we could act as a constant factor from a financial perspective for many of our performers and producers in a year which could hardly have been any more unsteady”, Guido Evers and Dr. Tilo Gerlach, Managing Directors of GVL, pointed out. “We carried out all regular distribution runs as scheduled and were able to allocate advances and corona support payments to our rights holders. We are proud of that.

Further information is located here.

Gerald Mertens

Gerald Mertens
© Maren Strehlau

Three questions to ... Gerald Mertens

As a long-term CEO of the German Orchestra Association, Gerald Mertens is not just one of the four Shareholders’ Representatives at GVL but also one of the most important players in the classical music and orchestra scene. We used the “anniversary” of corona as an opportunity to talk to him: About his preliminary conclusion about the pandemic for the cultural sector, his outlook for the cultural year 2021 and the themes of GVL he considers the most important.

Click here for all questions and answers.

GVL on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

GVL on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

Do you follow us already? We are further expanding our presence in social networks. We have been active on Twitter for some time now, and you can now also find us via LinkedIn and Instagram. Get connected to us!




GVL Assembly of Rights Holders

Save the date: GVL Assembly of Rights Holders on 3 and 4 June 2021

GVL will hold its next Assembly of Rights Holders on 3 and 4 June 2021. This will be an online only event. The GVL rights holders elect 22 representatives for the Assembly of Shareholders and Delegates which is one of the most important governing bodies of GVL. All rights holders can participate in the Assembly of Rights Holders and the election of representatives.

Please click here for further information on the Assembly of Rights Holders.

This is how you become a candidate for the GVL Assembly of Rights Holders 2021

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This is how you become a candidate for the GVL Assembly of Rights Holders 2021

If you wish to be listed as a candidate in one of the 15 group assemblies, you have until 20 May 2021 to submit your candidature. We would like to expressly encourage women to stand for election!

Please click here for further information on candidature.

New GVL explainer video

New video: GVL explains

How does GVL actually work? The system of collective management organisations/music licensing companies is complex and anything but easy to understand. Our new explainer video helps to remedy this. It is the first of a series of videos with which we want to bring you closer to our work. ... and action! (in german)

One year of GVL corona relief scheme

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One year of GVL corona relief scheme

When, in March 2020, the first area-wide lockdown led to the income of many creatives in Germany coming to a standstill, GVL reacted promptly with emergency measures and advance payment schemes. Performers and producers could, among other things, apply for €250 immediate emergency relief in the case of a loss of income. The aid programme has its first anniversary this month. Rights holders can continue to apply for this financial support. 

Here you can find all the information on the GVL corona relief schemes.

Dr. Tilo Gerlach celebrates his 20th anniversary as a Managing Director of GVL

Dr. Tilo Gerlach und Peter Zombik 2004 © Karen Massine

Dr. Tilo Gerlach celebrates his 20th anniversary as a Managing Director of GVL

In 2001, Dr. Tilo Gerlach took over the position of MD for the performers side from Prof. Rolf Dünnwald. Together with Peter Zombik, and since 2009 with Guido Evers, he forms the new leadership of GVL. Tilo Gerlach has been working for GVL since 1996. As a consequence, 2021, is a double anniversary for the Doctor of law. Some of the biggest challenges during his term in office include the GVL move to Berlin in 2004, the distribution system migration in 2010, the implementation of the Act on Collective Management Organisations (VGG) in 2016 into GVL practice and profound internal restructurings in the last five years. 

You can read more on GVL’s 60-plus-year-history here.

Careers at GVL

Careers at GVL

Would you like to spend the whole day dealing with GVL topics? Why not take a look at our job vacancies (in german).